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Seeder universal hrc (romania)

Pneumatic seeder FH and FH-8-6 (SPP-8 and SPP-6)

Need for accurate sowing row crops 1-2 grains dotted manner in each slot with a predetermined distance therebetween. Due to the large selection can be sown seed discs maize, sunflower, peas and other crops with similar shape and size of seeds, with the proviso row widths of 45-70 cm. SPP / FS equipped with devices for simultaneous sowing fertilizer her.

Pros pneumatic drills

Combining PTO extractor starts to move, the vacuum pressure is created which hoses ND It forms a vacuum chamber sowing hardware vacuum. Because of this, the seeds that are in the food chamber are drawn to the openings of the sowing discs. Wheels moving simultaneously with the movement drills. When rotating the seed they have shifted to their entering the device into the soil. Seeds, which picks up the disk, pass by adjusting puller, removing excess grains.

In order to improve the reliability of transmission in a device for fertilizer, brings seeds put reinforced sprocket and chain drive. In order to increase productivity and exceptions are handmade in the time of sowing, the markers are fitted with a hydraulic system that allows you to control from the cockpit. On demand also can be equipped with a device controlling the electric seeding.

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