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Seeder universal su-12

Seeder for fertilizer dressing SU-12

We need to make fertilizers by solid seeding and fertilizing plants for bulk fertilizers in mezhryadya of crops that are cultivated using intensive technologies. Drills have great accuracy and uniformity of fertilizer. These drills manufactured and mounted version teamed with their MTZ-80 and MTP-82.

drills Characteristics
  • PTO rotational speed is 1000 rpm. in a minute.
  • Working width drills capture is 12 meters
  • The number of nozzles 96 pieces
  • fertilizer distribution Irregularities in the working width of not more than 4 - 6 percent < / li>
  • The capacity of the hopper is 850 liters
  • Doses fertilized within 10-240 kg per hectare
  • Possible deviations from seeding rate - not more than 50 grams

    Output per hour of normal time: 7-12 ha, operating time of 5-7 hectares.

    Operating speed drills varies from 10 to 12 km / hour, the transport - in the range of 20 km / h .

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