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Engine d-65

The D-65 for tractors range UMZ-6

This engine is a four-stroke diesel type, the piston, the four-cylinder in-line vertical raspolozhennnymi manner, combustion, and direct injection dis. fuel and ignites it by compression.

Engine Specifications D65

Engine power is from 30 to 77 kW (60 horsepower), the number of revolutions from 1500 to 2000. To start D65 H and D-50L using the starter motor. In engines D65-M and A-50 are used for this purpose an electric starter. On all of these engines can be seen similarities units. On-ma power and start the unit D-50 and D-50L located on the left side of the engine, in turn, to the D65-M and D65-N data units are on the right.

Now it was discontinued production of engines D -65. Previously, it was set at UMZ tractors LTZ, on diz. power plants and a variety of motor boats.

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