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Coupling for tractor UMZ-6

On YuMZ give 6-2 disc 2 in-line dry frikitsionnuyu clutch constantly closed type. The clutch is in the housing includes a top part, which are connected to the crankshaft of the diesel engine and driven parts are connected to the shaft box perekl.peredach and drive PTO and fur-zmom off its drive.

The structure of the clutch UMZ-6

housing by a partition in the middle part is divided into the front compartment, with placed in it a clutch mechanism and its disabling and the rear compartment communicating with the housing box switching. transmission and rear axle. In the rear compartment can be found coupler and PTO drive.
clutch driving portion including a pinch wheels and supporting wheels situated on the leading-3. fingers flywheel diesel and rotates all the time in par with the flywheel. Support plate, in addition, is connected to the flywheel by means of bolts 6.
The driven coupling part, which includes the main dial. clutch and clutch drive PTO drive, located directly on the splined shafts themselves. The shaft, in turn, is interconnected with the transmission, and the other shaft is directly driven PTO.

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