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Ppc reducer

CAT Reducer tractor UMZ-6

The UMZ-6 installed manual gearbox with five steps, the direct transmission is absent but there are 3 mobile carriage and a reduction gear, doubling the number of gears.

Primary, secondary, and intermediate gear shaft disposed in the front compartment general Bldg. CAT and the rear axle. gear shaft put on a bracket fastened to the right side of the housing. Pinion post. engagement, in turn, is on the primary shaft. A pinion shaft turn in 2 rolling bearings inside the nozzle being jack ball bearing, performing the role of the front output shaft bearing.

secondary shaft together with the drive pinion are made in a single piece. Rear output shaft rests on a roller bearing disposed in the glass. Slots on a secondary shaft mounted pinion of the carriage 3, with pom. Cat's turn on one or the other gear. Gear with a ring gear includes a first gear and reverse gear. Gear with 2 toothing includes 3rd and 5th gear, and the other -. 2nd and 4th

The intermediate shaft is made hollow inside and rotates it in 2 installed at the bottom the bearing housing. On the intermediate shaft disposed drive gear reverse, 1st, 3rd, 5th, 4th, 2nd gear and intermediate gear constant mesh.

Reducer UMZ-6

gear shaft is mounted in a bracket with ball-bearings. Driven gear reducer is located on the cylindrical portion of the shaft, in turn, on the slotted parts are the driving gear with the gear clutch of the gearbox. On the gear coupling has a circular groove, and it is able to move along the shaft. Turning promotes gear engagement with a crown gear coupling gear hub which is moving in and out of additional toothing engaged state with the internal crown gear engages with the pinion gear.

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