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The tractor UMZ adapted to work with attachments, mounted and trailed special types to work with a / x, and for driving the individual elements and stationary machines to execute different transport tasks.

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Brake, pto attachments

Brake, PTO attachments to the tractor UMZ-6

On UMZ-6 has a rear power take-off shaft (PTO) with a velocity component 557 rev / min, in the latest models put 2 speed (557 rev / min and 1000 r / min). PTO drive receives from its clutch is part of the main. CLUTCH PTO and mainly carried out a pedal that can be emphasized as a feature. First, primarily off the main clutch, and only after the PTO.

tractor brake system

Service brake required to reduce speed and stops at the desired efficiency. The parking brake is required to maintain stationary while parked on a slope or on a flat surface. Auxiliary brake system required for long-term support for constant speed on an incline. In cases of failure of the service braking system as replacement brake system for braking is present.

On tractors UMZ-6 put the shoe or disk brake.

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