Piston group

Piston Group

It consists of a piston with a piston. rings, liners and piston pin. Sensing piston force of the expanding gases through the connecting rod gives them their crankshaft. Pistons are cast of aluminum alloys.
The piston head has a bottom. At the head itself has a compression groove and maslosemnogo rings. From groove oil ring in an internal cavity are two slots on the cat-th excess oil withdrawn by the oil ring to the cylinder are sent to the engine crankcase.

Depending on the outer diameter of the pistons are divided into 5 classes (difference of 0 , 01 mm), and depending on the diameter. piston pin holes -. 3-4 categories (a difference of 0.004 mm)

Piston rings

are needed to create a seal between the cylinder wall and the piston moving

Compression produce iron special composition. The upper cover layer of chromium, a lower layer of tin. In order to better fit plostnogo rings on some make chamfer or recess on the outside. or ext. . Surfaces

scraper produce sets of steel or cast iron - with slits for oil withdrawn from the cylinder walls

The fingers in turn is made of steel.. Structurally they are hollow. Outside their temper. Fixed by means of retaining rings. The working surface of the fingers carefully sanded and polished.

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