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Piston Pins

At its core is the pivot axis of the connecting rod comp. in the compound. with the piston. Through them passed all the forces that occur between the piston and connecting rod. These forces include the forces of inertia that occur with a change in voltage. motion of the piston, the force of pressure of a compressible fuel-air mixture within the engine cylinder or air in the diesel engine during compression and, more importantly, the strength of Pressure. expanding gases during slave. process (cycle).

fingers operate reciprocates during operation time. Before designers these parts is formidable technical problem which consists in makismalnaya possible weight reduction while maintaining all of St-operatio ns because fingers are huge power load. It follows a fact - thumb size, its design and technology takkzhe and mat-l from which it is made by taking into account the cost of mass production is a complicated compromise engineering solution .

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