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This is a major component of the internal combustion engine, as it transform reciprocating pistons directly to the torque. moment. The crankshaft includes cheeks, crankpins and the main journals (they liners), counterweights shank flange.

are the mainstay of crankshaft main journals. On engines with four cylinders mounted crankshafts with 5 supports. Three wheel design is used very rarely, because they do not have a good supply Dielectric strength .. With seven supports have six-cylinder engines. By default, engine blocks with a small diameter. cylinder give crankshafts used with a single counterweight. In the production and repair of poverhn.korennyh and connecting rod bushings carefully polished.

There crankshafts with both double counterweights and so on without them. Crankshaft must have wear characteristics, the low mass to be balanced, and processed very accurately. Made from steel alloy of high strength. There are also cast crankshafts consisting of high-strength cast iron, in the production process the high frequency current hardened. We should also highlight the hollow crankshafts.

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