Fuel injection equipment

Fuel equipment


pump needed to provide and feed into the cylinder of diesel fuel at the required pressure and in a clearly specified time accurately metered quantity of fuel. They are found mainly in the collapse of the block for V-shaped or diesel also directly laterally on the block at row arrangement of cylinders. In the fuel injection pump is supplied to the tank in most cases with the help of additional. VT low pressure (pump). Pressure pump typically creates. within 150-220bar, and modern technology to 1600bar and more than that.

The pump-nozzle

Questions were onto some-s diesel engines up to 70-ies. Currently, there is a tendency to be returned. Fitting individual toplivanyh pump for each cylinder.

Common Rail

This case Common Rail pump pumping fuel at high pressure (up to 2 thousand bar, depending on the selected operating mode) in common fuels. line from cat second fuel injected into the cylinder by means of separate nozzles controlled manner. It is the present-day. fuels. diesel equipment. Their shortcomings should be noted her fault-finding to the quality and purity of fuel efficiency but it is no equal - high efficiency .

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