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Fuel pumps

is needed to supply a diesel cylinders under predetermined pressure and at the right moment required exactly measured portions of fuel, which matured soot. According to the loads. By injection methods is isolated fuels. Pumps direct action and battery-injection. In the case of direct action takes place mechanically. a plunger actuator, pressure processes and vprysknye. In each cylinder section delivers VT q.s.. a portion of the fuel. The movement of the pump plunger with a possible Pressure desired. sputtering.

injection pump of a diesel engine is the most complex fuel system assembly.

There inline, V-shaped (mnogosekts.) and distribution. The terraced embodiment pumping sections arranged one behind the other, and each oopredelenny supplies fuel to the engine cylinder. The switchgear. The pump (mono- and di- plunger) pump section 1 sends the fuel in several cylinders of the engine.

Fuel pump to the pump directs fuel in a quantity of more than is required for the diesel engine. Excess fuel drain stub is sent back to the tank. Solenoid valve, in turn, need to stop the diesel engine. Since turning the key to the "off" valve stops the supply of fuel to the plunger pair hence to the cylinders of a diesel engine of the tractor and that the need to mute the power unit.

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