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In fact it is mechanical. spray liquids or gases. Are used for the atomization of fuel injection in such a fuel-stroke, also produce a spray of high pre. fuel (the order of thousands of atmospheres when using diesel fuel).

Vazheyshey component is a nozzle injector.

Includes one or two channels. The first output is supplied to the second liquid to be sprayed - vapors, gases desired spraying the first fluid. Pure high quality nozzle provides a conical spray and flame becomes smooth and continuous.

Nozzles can be mechanical, electromagnetic, piezoelectric or hydraulic.

pritsipe work diesel injector

Fuel is supplied under pressure directly to the ring. cat chamber formed between th Bldg. nebulizer and its needle. Under the pressure of the needle rises and compresses the spring and opens through a spray nozzle cat-s fuel injected into the cylinder itself. When the pressure drops the needle is lowered, the nozzle closes and stops the fuel injection. Pressure is controlled adjusting screw.

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