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We need to eliminate the pollution of motor, transmission and lubricating oils, hydraulic. . Liquids (for automatic transmissions for GUR) and other

Previously placed 2 - Coarse (full flow) and small (the bypass) purifications. In the sixties were shirokorasprostraneny full flow first with a removable mask with combined filter. E-volume and gross and completely disposable.
Each has a bypass valve, required for the purpose of crossing Unrefined. oil in the pipe past the filter. The bottom line is that in the case of heavy filter contamination. e-ta or in the winter, while increasing the viscosity of the oil, hydraulic strongly resist increases. and engine oil will golovdat that may lead to its failure.

Nowadays, new disposable full-flow filters put protivodrenazhny valve, which prevents the stack of oil in the pan when the engine is in the idle state. If a valve fails after starting the engine control lamp that signals a low Pressure. in the line will be longer than normal burn

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Magnetic Tsntrobezhnye
Gravity (septic tanks) Mechanical

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