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Fuel Filters

Diesel filters are able to retain not only dirt but also can separate the water contained in the diesel fuel. Since the density of water is greater than the density of diesel fuel, it's going to stick to water. And after cleaning light fuel is directed into the filter towards the outlet. In the case where injection-m installed filters without settling (water storage) give dop.olnitelnye water separators (separable filters), which are low-pressure vkonture directly between the fuel tank and the feed pump.

The circulation type

when the filter needs replacing as a whole but it replaces entirely the same, there are cases when it is possible to replace only filter e-thou, Bosch fuel filter for diesel engine makes it possible to replace only the filter element.

types of fuel filters

The radial V-shaped fil p. E-you used in diesel engines with switchgear. or in-line injection pump. Plus, this system can be considered as a long service life, max. removal of water, resistance to high and low pollution nidrodinamich. resistance.

The flow diesel filters

Put in the fuel line itself. in their view of the large mass of additional security gives a special clamp.

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