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Air filters

As the fuel for the internal combustion engine requires the air reactant. But it should be mentioned that the air which is sucked engine includes fine dust particles, whose concentration in a variety of road and weather conditions can reach high mark.

Air treatment, the intake motor

Air filters provide assurance that the internal combustion goes exceptionally clean air.


it is a special requirement that apply to air filtram.V therefore, each filter we offer suitable housing folder each type of technology. Sealing lips are made of synthetic compounds of structure foam, high-precision fitting and retain flexibility and elasticity throughout the entire period of operation. Therefore, avoid leakage.

Resistance to ripple

It is also worth mentioning as one of the most important points. Due to the precise fit and reliable, high-quality coatings of high quality and filter paper are resistant to air flow pulsations during their sucking. pulse-resistance provides a good degree of cleaning and increases the service life.

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