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Call the Self. constructive self Wed-wah to measure, which are installed in place of the selection inf-ii, and do they f-ii primary converter of the measured value in the electric. or elektromagn.velichinu consists of min. Conv number of units. measured values ​​and have a single-valued functions of transformations and necessary for the purpose of measurements vzaimosoglasnye priori consistent metrological and reliable performance.

Today, a variety of sensors are often used during construction and Designing self-propelled guns.

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this e-sensors ie a technical system, it is necessary to measure, signal, regulate, control devices or processes. Sensors engaged transformation values ​​to be monitored such as for example pressure, temperature, flow rate, concentration, frequency, velocity, displacement, strain, electrical current, and so on. P.) In electrical, pneumatic, optical-signals suitable for measurement, transmission, transformation as well as the collection, storage and registration of the inf-ii status. measurement facilities.

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