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Pressure gauges / pointers

This is, such devices that measure the pressure of liquids or gases.
Principles of operation based on balancing the pressure to be measured is the force of elastic deformation trubch. Sensitivity or more springs. 2-lamellar membrane which one end vpayanav holder rod and the other through pinion with the sector-fur-zmom which converts the linear displacement of the elastic sensitive e-ta in a circular motion indicated by an arrow.
depending on design elements, and sensitivity are liquid , deadweight and expansion. Divided as they were dressing, depending on the accuracy class
By appointment can be identified technical - obschetehnich, electrical contact, special, recording, w / d, vibration-proof (glycerine filled) ship and reference (analog)
To... instrument cat-s measured overpressure include pressure gauges, vacuum gauges, manovakuumetry, pressure gauges, gauges.
Most made according to GOST and is therefore interchangeable. Choosing need to know the limits of measurement, body size and diameter as well as the accuracy class, location and threaded fitting.

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