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Apply to scroll through the crankshaft. On-ma of engine consists of a battery, starter and starter DEVICE management.
required to run diesel engines. It is an electric post. vozbzhdeniya sequential current and comprises a steel body in a cat th tries. 4 the excitation winding with four pole pieces, the armature 4 and the collector brushes. The brushes in the brush holders and are manufactured from powder with mednografitosvintsovogo primesyamimi tin. 2 positive brush isolated from the starter housing and comp. with the ends of the excitation winding, and two with negative massoy.Obmotka proizvoschditsya copper unnecessarily currents is possible to 1500A.
The principle of operation is based on the interaction of a magnet. field with the field of the armature during the passage of current through the windings and is powered by a battery. Modern tractors use a tractor with remote. Ex. and electro-magnetic switching.
His actuator includes relays, magnetic switch, and a bottle-gp actuator. Fur-gp drive gives torque. IOM. of the armature shaft of the motor flywheel and disconnects the starter motor and the crankshaft anchor after engine start. It consists of gears, freewheel. stroke and springs. The overrunning clutch prevents separation of the armature after the engine starts as It transmits momentum solely on the armature shaft to the flywheel crown.
E-mag. magnetic switch forcibly enters a gear in engagement. with the crown of the flywheel and starter feeds from the battery and is mounted on the starter housing. When subordinated current to the coil and rod. Relay formed magnetic field force which moves the anchor into the middle atushek and transferred to a support sleeve and from it through force of the spring on the overrunning clutch. Sleeve together with the pinion gear moves along helical slots and enters into engagement. toothed flywheel. In this case, the anchor of the traction relay moves dvizhmy contact and closes the contacts and connecting terminals to the starter battery. After zamyekaniya contact current from the battery in podetsya obmootki vozbudeniya and anchor in consequence of which CREATE. magnetic field under which the interaction of the anchor starts to rotate and operate the engine.

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