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Headlights / lights

This is a directional light, which put on the vehicle necessary to illuminate the area around the vehicle


- light sources - most with adjustable power
- reflectors are also reflectors
- corrugated glass lenses as they
- the body with the holders of them securing

Almost all vehicle equipped with lights provided ispolzovaniya 2 -x headlights must be that they are arranged symmetrically with respect to the longitudinal axis of the vehicle. In many of the techniques used as fog lamps. Some types of equipment are equipped with headlights-seekers who are capable of turning in different .. eg call these lights spotlights. Also worth noting is that the tractor and others. Workers vehicle headlights have also in the rear to provide opportunities to monitor the attached equipment and trailed machines and other equipment.

Currently, the popularity of gaining LED lights because of the very low power consumption, long service life and very good efficiency.

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