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This is the Device of, the right to control the pneumatic and hydraulic. flows in WAN using external effects (signals)


-. spool. The most common due to their ease of manufacture, kompatnym size and good reliability in operation. App. at a pressure up to 32 MPa and a flow rate much greater than the crane spreaders

-. Crane. The locking elements are made in cylindrical form., Conical. as well as a ball stoppers or else flat cranes

-. Valve. When the main disadvantages of spool - leaks, cat-s exclude the possibility to hold the hydraulic motor under load in a fixed comp and do not give the opportunity to work at a high press.. In these cases, the switching is best to use valves that have increased in comparison with the spool weight and dimensions, but at the same time make it possible to hermetically close the hydraulic line. They are in most cases Spanish. in Hydrosila-max where necessary to ensure a good seal. In this case, the shut-off e-mail-you produce as a cone or ball valve

-. A nozzle-flap. In them, the course is built in the pneumatic and hydraulic principle. pressure dividers.

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