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bearings, bearing housings, sleeves

These days apply such types:

  • contact bearings which have a surface exposed to friction;
  • contactless . bearings, which do not have a surface exposed to abrasion

    depending on the type of friction distinguished:

    • bearings, the support surface axes or which shaft slides on the working surface bearing;
    • Rolling bearings, they use rolling friction with the help of set of balls and rollers between the movable and stationary rings.

      Plain bearing

      Is housing with a cylindrical bore into which the insert or sleeve of antifriction material, and its lubrication device. there is a gap, allowing the shaft to rotate without restrictions between the shaft and the bearing hole of the sleeve. For optimum performance, the bearing clearances before it is calculated.


      Includes two rings, rolling elements, the separator, which separates each of the rolling bodies another and keeps them at the same distance and directs their movements. It operates mainly in the rolling friction. On the outer surface of the inner ring and the inner surface of the outer ring performed trough, they also raceway, on which during operation of the bearing ride rolling bodies.

      Magnetic bearing

      job based on the application levitation produced by electric and magnetic fields. Allowed to hang without touching the rotating shaft and rotate it without friction and wear.

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