Mechanical rubber goods (mrg)

rubber products (RTI)

We present a large number of CMV names of products of synthetic. (Polyamide, polyvinyl chloride, synthetic rubber and latex) and natures. materials (latex rubber). There is an opinion that the RTI yavl. naivostrebovannymi kinds of s / h and accessories. Made a huge range of approximately 100 thousand names, as these products are used virtually everywhere.
The engineering used in virtually all types. RTI functions as diverse - sealing and seal Conn. and joints, thermal insulation, electrical insulation and others. Non-molded are widely used in aircraft, automotive structure, and others. Spheres, where they play the role of sealants window and door openings.

Without the use of molded rubber goods such as seal sleeve, oil seal, gasket, and many other products, not obohoditsya today none of the mechanism. The most popular can call stem seals and other moving parts. It is worth mentioning that the RTI can be used in a heavy pace. conditions as well as interacting with different corrosive media in this case in the manufacture of special use. types of rubber compounds for example thermally or fluoric rubber.

to drive using belts that transmit rotation from one machine parts to the other.

Also there are sleeves which are used as responsible parts for the chemical. and neftekhim. et al. industries for pumping various liquids and gases, and for the purpose of transportation of bulk materials and elements. In the engineering industry E sleeves are used as components of various hydraulic fur-zmov.

Belt conveyors are used in almost all industrial. pr-s in connection with this application shirokore received conveyor belts. Tapes conveyor belts are divided into fabric and rubber-bands, which have increased tensile strength. Here we must remember that the failure of individual components of the conveyor there is increased friction due to this mugout used heat-resistant tape.

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