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Sleeves rubber products (RTI)

Hydraulic or Collar according to GOST 6969-54

needed to seal gaps in the cylinder and the piston (plunger and rod) in the pneumatic and hydraulic. Device islands which operate in the condition of reciprocating movements at a speed not exceeding 0.5 m / s with a pressure ranging from 0.25 to 32 MPa and temperatures ranging from -30C to + 100C

Hydraulic GOST 14896 -84

is needed to seal the piston and the cylinder gap (plunger rod) in gidravlich.eskih Device vah.
MBS is manufactured from rubber. Not lose efficiency in catches temperature from-60C to + 200C (depending on the type of rubber)

Pneumatic GOST 6678-72

are needed in order to compact cylinders and rods in pneumatic. Device Islands.

Chevron GOST 22704-77

Looking at the stem seal and cylinder gidravlich.eskih Device in.

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