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Molded Products Rubber products (RTI)

call such products which are manufactured by methods 2:
- forming raw rubber mixture in the pneumatic and hydraulic. presses
- forming a mixture of crude rubber injection molding

are produced from different types of rubber mixtures which are not based synthetic. or natural rubbers, silicone or polyester compounds, fluorosilicone rubber and others. Also, frequently practiced switch such as an e-ing deadburned magnesia, fibrous fillers tsimata, altaksa and others. The inclusion of these fillers dictates the specifics of their scope of use

are divided into:

-Items for ball mills
- Seal
- Technical plates
. - lining Sector classifier
- lining plates
- Barabanov plate
- cuff
- Lifters
- condense. rings
- Rugs
- Shock absorbers
- sleeves
- Vibration
- massive tires
- Durable dynamic. active rubber the screening. surface. Train

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