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Sleeves rubber products (RTI)

hoses made of rubber is a sub-type of consumables that are widely used in various fields of industry and agriculture.

The rubber sleeves are used for . transporting liquid, a solution, a dry bulk material gases, air, gasoline, petroleum products and their derivatives, oils and foodstuffs

The sleeves are made from various grades of rubber:

- technical rubber used for the production of hoses, water hoses, reinforced, corrugated, com of spring oxygen
- Oil-resistant rubber is used for the production of sleeves MBS (oil-petrol-resistant) hose MBS, oil and petrol-resistant, as well as bituminous sleeves
- acid-resistant, abrasive-resistant rubber is used for the production of cement and abrasive sleeves sleeves

Brand rubber is selected according to the intended transported medium.
Pressure applied when filing techn. liquids and materials. In these sleeves strengthening fabric is either polyester frames.
of foundations. pressure-suction hoses spiral protrudes from a high strength metal.

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