Driving belts

Various equipment activated. with a variety of drives. Often used for drive belts. They are produced multilayer, and therefore gain in excellent mechanical and physical properties

Available from polyurethane and various synthetic rubbers

The cord used:..

- special fabrics
- made of fabric cords
- polyesters
-. various steel and Kevlar materials
classic wedge wrapper with side faces of the drive is reliable, it is used to secu. rot. movements of pulley parts and equipment. Most often used profile 40-F, 22-C, 20--, 17-B, 13-A.
great demand obretkoy V-belts with the sides of faces that may be used on mining and extractive rudno- enterprises mills as well as in building equipmen. promyshlennosti.Naibolee demand and applied profiles are considered SPC, 19, SPB, SPA, SPZ.

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