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belts Fan

are used to return the rotation of the motor shaft of the tractor units, combine either vehicle


-. Layer stretching
- elastic layer
- the carrier layer (in the case Tension cord constructions for kordshnurovoy tissue framework in the case of kordtkanevoy designs..)
- layer compression
- wrapper

depending on the materials used can izgotavl. the cord with different
- polyamide
- polyester

The temperature modes and intervals of the normal functioning of the belts outside the engine compartment:

- r-us with moderate & Tropical. climate, from -50 to +60 degrees. centigrade for pre-warming the engine to run at a temp. below -30 ° C, and the momentum. in belt location area should be no more than 80 degrees.
- for districts of the cold and Pts. cold climatic conditions of + 40 ° C to -60 hail. Celsius.

Depending on the soot. width and height produce narrow and normal sections.

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