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CVT belt

It is used in continuously variable drives. They have a radial motion in variable speed pulleys, thus is replaced by the number of revolutions. Have good wear-resistant and resistant qualities when the lateral load. This belt has a long life, smooth running and high flexibility.

There are 3 types

1. Smooth (wrapped) are resistant to unpredictable cond. Surrounding. environment and have a good supply of powerful. Primenyut in the production of gearboxes, print and lathes, in textile machinery as well as a variety of compact drives.
2. Toothed (threaded) - wear-resistant and resistant to slippage, and the highly flexible. Applied in the gear structure, mechanical engineering, the textile equip., In s / x art.
3. Double (shaped with teeth on both sides). Reduce belt temperature and improve heat transfer. Dual put in the industry (in the manufacture of transportation) in s / x art, as well as machines.

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