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multi-ribbed belt

interconnected straps appear as strong connection with a common basis for 2,3,4 or 8 individual V-belts of this section. Manufactured using narrow or classical performance belts. If necessary, use more than five ribs need to use the kit conn. between a belt.

Thanks to a uniform basis is strong, resilient longitudinal and transverse hard drive E-fact. Various driving situations arising can not be used separately decides belts as straps unit. During extreme impulsive-dynamic loads and vibrations pulsing operation can occur in otd.nyh V-belts. Such fluctuations can cause curling of the belt in the grooves and eliminate or to the case in which the belt is released from the pulley. Such as belts to prevent accidents, because of their uniform basis significantly improves the transverse. rigidity and preventing the belt vibrations.

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