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V-belts drive

Endless rubber-norms. req section. to drive machines, industrial. installations and / agricultural machinery, cat-s work at temp. from minus 30 to plus 60 Celsius - for moderate & Tropical. climate and from - 60 to + 40 degrees Celsius - to cool. and very cool. Climate. Is used to transmit torque. moment between shafts fur-ZMA or machines using pulleys. Working surface. consider its lateral surface. Apply them in all kinds of indus

The types of V-belts:

- the normal section (classical.)
- fan (generating)
-. wide (CVT)
also, there are ribbed, mnogorucheynye, ploskozubchatye and narrow drive.


In nesusch.sloe used several. kordtkani layers sequentially superimposed on each other or one cord layer. cord wound in a spiral. In accord. with this release belts kordshnurovye and kordtkanevye. Kordshnurovye more izgibostoykie and their service life a little more.
In a design. belt rubber mixture of the rubber used in the extensible layers. and compression, are soot. above and below the carrier layers.
layer wrap V-belts need to protect the lateral surface. wear, and to make the entire structure. improved integrity.

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