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Front axle and cardan drive

Front axle and PTO drive tractor MTZ (D-240)

The difference of MTZ-82 tractor from MTZ-80 is set at the first front axle and further its drive components, namely the transfer case intermediate and front drive shafts, intermediate support with a plow steering, safety clutch and the pipe of steering drafts.

The drive on the front axle of the tractor MTZ-82 is fed through a manual that provides a synchronous speed of the front and rear pairs of wheels at all provided gears. Transfer box is attached to the gearbox housing on the right while the tractor is moving. On the clutch housing bottom is attached intermediate support propeller shafts. The front axle is attached to the beam by means of two hollow axles that enables the bridge to swing in a plane transverse to the wheels in the pair.

design provides a means of screw mechanisms stepless change ruts of the front and rear wheels in a range between 1200-1800 mm. Tires of the front wheels are size 8.3 / 8-20, Rear 13,612-38, as an option you can set the rear wheels, but only 9,5 / 9-42.

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