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Frame and the front axle wheels

frame, a front axle and wheels of MTZ

Chassis MTZ includes skeleton NLO bridge, front and rear wheels and serves as a support which is a trolley with assembly units and components required for the movement. Poluramny skeleton serves as the basis uniting bearing Proc. u together. Includes half-frame, clutch housing, gearbox and rear axle.

The front frame is sprung twisted coil springs, located in the front driving the coupling pin or NLO bridges. Poluramy includes a cast steel bar and two longitudinal beams, pressed (spars). To connect the half-frame and body grip on the back of the brackets welded onto beams. The front bar is required for mounting parts: the front support of the engine, radiator, oil cooler, diesel blinds and GIs RC of the front wheel

Front NLO bridge is supported the front end of a tractor and with a steering mechanism provides a direction of forward movement. wheels, respectively, and the tractor as a whole. The front includes a cast beam telescopically connected to the extension tube, pivot pins guide wheels and the steering linkage.

is placed between the axle beam poluramy lugs and pivotally connected to the tractor backbone via the rocking axis. So it can swing carries. core along a vertical plane, which enables the front wheels to adapt to uneven surfaces, and to mitigate their effects on the skeleton. In order to avoid cranking and axial displacement of the swing axes of their immobilized pins.

To the hollow extension tube welded brackets. Pipes are bores in the bridge girders and tightened bolts clamped jaws. The tubes have to 6 holes with 50 mm pitch for selecting and fixing the gauge size of the front wheels. Pivot pin includes: the shaft and the axis of the wheel. The shaft is pressed into the hole axis and welded at the bottom. He turns it into upper and lower sliding sleeves knuckle. Outer sleeve molded into the bracket, the lower is the same in the aperture and secured to the bracket by means of two bolts.

sprung front axle beam by means of two coil springs in brackets retractable cams. Load the core of the tractor is transmitted via the arm and spring to thrust ball bearing, which shaft washer transmit its pivot pin and also the front wheels. Wheel hub - flange cast-iron with a steam room bore for bearings.

The hub rotates on 2 tapered roller bearings, the inner cage cat's face on a half outside - molded into the bore of the hub. Bearings tightened nut, which is screwed onto the end of the axis. The outer portion of the hub is covered with a cap pressed within a bore in the hub is samopodzhimnaya cuff. Wheels and tires transmit vert. load the tractor to the ground, the drive wheels in turn are also propelled by means of which the engine power, which is supplied to the wheels-h of the transmission is converted into linear motion.
wheel consists of a rim rigidly attached thereto disc and a tire mounted to the rim. Thanks to the rim and tire with air gives the liquid load ground. The wheel is fixed to the hub by means of a disk.

Rims wheel are integral. Drives in most cases, is welded to the rim. Tractor drives the front wheels fastened with screws on the brackets welded to the rim. This design makes it possible to change the relative positions of disks and rims and thereby regulate the track of the front wheels. In order to improve the strength of the rear drive wheels at the point of attachment to the hub need to weld the reinforcement ring.

rear wheel hub is attached to the projecting end semiaxis final drive rear axle by means of bolts and dowels liner. On the insert has an adjusting screw - worm, which meshes with a rack axis. The wheel hub flange bolts pressed in using a cat's fixed wheels. Conical chamfer in the opening drive and nuts to prevent self-loosening nuts.

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