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Steering (RU) MTZ

Steering MTZ is necessary to change and save the chosen direction of movement of the driver. Rotation of the front steerable wheels on a horizontal plane relative to the rear and is the main method of changing voltage. motion

RU tractor purpose of MTZ -. to provide the desired kinematics of rotation and thereby ensure safety when driving, a little effort on the steering wheel, and prevent transmission using push as a consequence of the uneven surface on the steering wheel .

Steering MTZ increases the accuracy of exercise. and also increases the force applied by the driver to the steering wheel. In this regard, it remains possible to control the tractor turned off or disabled booster. GU MTZ-80, MTZ-82 improves handling and increases safety. Power MTW, using energy from the motor to rotate and retain the wheels, can improve the maneuvering possibilities of the tractor and allows the tractor control under difficult conditions, such as sudden tire damage.

When driving on uneven and impassable surfaces PG lowers percussion load in the RU MTZ, reduces the likelihood of damage to the tractor and the quality improves traffic safety and control. Steering gear MTZ 80.82 gives the force of the driver and soot. GU to the steered wheels, ensures their turn at mutually different angles.

As part of the steering mechanism and the steering actuator. Power steering, an effort which is applied to the steering wheel is given to the steering actuator. Steering gear necessary for the transmission of forces between the steering mechanism and steering wheels. RC-80 and MTP-MTZ 82, together with a mechanical booster. Sensor fur DBA the steering-booster and zmom MTZ represent a common node and are in front of the tractor. In this regard, to convey the steering effort on the steering mechanism and the State needs the steering drive.

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