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MTZ tractor brakes

The mechanism of the brake (brake) needed for the creation and management of an artificial resistance movement of the tractor. Brake actuator is needed to transmit the energy to the brake mechanism to monitor and control them during braking. On MTZ put the service and parking brake systems spare power-driven, and in addition they have a pneumatic drive system braking system of the trailer.

On the tractor MTZ put dry disc brakes with mechanical actuation. they stand on the shaft drive gear final drives on both sides and covered with hoods. Each brake includes two connecting disk with friction linings and two pressure discs of cast iron, standing between the connecting discs. The pressure plates are engaged with the brake actuators and the Port. in turn - with slotted shank drive gear final drives. Between the pressure plate is worth three located on the expander ball circumference. Balls fall into the socket at an angle, done on the pressure plate inner surface.

Braking wheels can simultaneously and separately. For the simultaneous inhibition of left and right side of the two pedal blocking the connecting strap flap. Alternate action on the left or right pedal is used to improve maneuverability.

When the pedal is pressed rods are moved downwards and turns the lever and roller. The levers transmit force through the spherical bolts and washers to the plugs, which by means of rods and pins pivot means associated with the pressure plate. Provide traction force pressure plate, forcing the wheels move carries. each other, which contributes to the balls from rolling on slot disc tilt and decompresses them. The pressure plates are clamped friction linings soed.diskov to the surfaces of the casing brake and glass cover, causing and is braked wheels and pinions final drives. In the initial position (braked) pedal and wheels are returned to the opposite position by the return spring and pressure plate.

The drive mechanism is provided with a device which allows to lock the pedal in the locked position. Fixing occurs by means of a toothed pawl which is controlled by traction. Fixing the pedals (braked position) is used to store the tractor is stationary, so that the brake system performs the functions of the parking.

MTZ-80A, MT-82A are equipped with fully autonomous parking-spare mechanical drive system. Parking spare in turn unified with the workers. He stands on the service brake housing and consists of a brake disc and connecting the interior of the housing. By means of a splined shaft which extends within the pinion blank on the final drive comp. drives the rotation of the cross served the rear axle differential. With the movement of the actuator arm to the brake discs themselves are turned out one with respect to the second, pushing and by means of friction linings Comm. drives on the push and wall casings committed braking. When disinhibition is necessary to move the lever away from you (first pressing handle button). The parking brake can be used as a backup in case of failure of the working.

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