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PTO shaft (PTO) for MTZ

PTO drive is required for active and working organs which aggregated tractor. PTO is a rear and side. More common rear. Rear PTO MTP-80, MTW-82 is combined, i.e. It can be equipped with independent and dependent drives. Independent drive is directly connected to the engine flywheel, thereby providing PTO speed regardless of the speed of the tractor and the state of the clutch. 2 has a speed of 540 and 1000 rev / min at a rotational frequency of the crankshaft 2100. Simultaneous PTO drive connects directly with the second pinion gear stage CPT, as a consequence of the PTO speed depends on the speed of the tractor and Comp. About 3.5 to 1 m path passing tractor

Basic mechanisms rear PTO:. A two-stage (two-speed) gear independent actuator disposed in the clutch housing, the switch actuators type (synchronous or independent) as well as a planetary gear control selective output shaft which is mounted in the rear axle housing. The speed independent PTO switch gear sleeve which is fitted on the shaft splines by means of the switching mechanism (hex) situated in the body of the main clutch (or rather just the bottom lid).

PTO drive is selected when the lever (located in . cab floor (under the lid), the movement of toothed jaw clutch splined shaft planetary gear lever is U 3 positions: a synchronous drive is switched on by turning counter-clockwise, clockwise - an independent, and in the middle position - to put a neutral . Independent of drive include at engine off or at minimum engine speed, when the tractor is stopped synchronous

Planetary gear MTZ-80.82 (speed ratio 1.47) is required PTO control It consists of...: crown drive gear, three satellites and a sun gear fitted onto the hub carrier in a bronze bushing. Satellites are on the axes, press-fitted into the bore of the carrier. Slotted hub drove very rigidly engages with the splines on the shaft, at the end of the cat-th also has slots required drive of mounted machines. < / P>

The two band brake control gear planetary rear PTO. To turn off the PTO control lever needs to be translated into the rear end position. In this case, the sun gear of the drum brake is tightened, and the carrier is released. Through satellites from the ring gear rotation is transmitted to said planet carrier, on it - the shaft, in this case the speed is changed (decreased) corresponding to the gear ratio

When turning off the PTO lever to be translated into a forward position ", the drum brake sun. gear is released and the brake carrier in turn tightened in this position the carrier suspended and the ring gear driven around on the satellites rotating the sun gear relative to the hub carrier.

drive agricultural and mechanisms that aggregated front and side views, on tractors MTZ is also a side PTO which is mounted on the left, directly in front of the tractor and of the CAT actuated. After moving gear carried actuator which leash moves along the shaft splines. Side PTO enable and disable necessarily provided off main clutch by means of traction, nah. under the floor (left of the seat).

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