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Rear linkage

Rear linkage for tractor MTZ (D-240)

In order to perform a variety of works in the unit with agricultural machines and implements for tractors up necessary working equipment. The MTP-80 and MTP-82 give the following working equipment:

  • hydraulic hinged system (SOT)
  • PTO
  • towing device
  • drive pulley

    SOT necessary to connect mounted, semi-mounted, towed machines and implements and controls them to the driver's seat and is an attachment system and hydraulics. Machines (guns) is raised and lowered hydraulically. with a compound of the tractor / x machines occurs via attachment. The standard hydraulics includes a hydraulic unit body with the oil tank, pump, valve, the main (power) and the external cylinders, gidrouvelichitel coupling weight (FGP) masloprovody.Uzly automatic adjustment of tillage depth are included in the additional packaging. < p> three pairs of independent hydraulic outlets provided to connect hydroficated machines. Hydraulic MTZ tractors that are equipped with hydrostatic Uzbekistan, it has a total capacity of oil - it is the body of hydraulic units. Moreover, oil in the tank is selected separately.

    Tractors with PPC, switchable power flow without discontinuities or Synchronous Transmission can be set PTO hydraulic system (GPS) for active driving bodies gidrofitcirovannyh machines and tools. The oil tank is a tank feeds oil hydraulic units and steering GU. It is called the body of the hydraulic units as it also attached the main aggregates of the hydraulic system. During passage through the spec. filter, oil cleaned from mechanical impurities, advocated by air bubbles and then cooled. The oil pump is driven in part izhney hydrounits body.

    The oil that falls from the distributor to the tank through the drain filter which is cleaned of impurities. In the case when the filter is contaminated and its conjugated. is 0,245-0,343 MPa, the valve is automatically opened and protecting oil partially drained into the tank by filtra.Filtruyuschy member includes an outer latunnuyus small cells and an inner steel mesh with large cells. NS-32 is necessary for the establishment of the slave system. pressure. MTZ-80.82 put pumps pravymogo rotation. The pump is started by means of intermediate gears rear PTO drive.
    pump hydraulic units connected to the housing by means of the centering cups and 4 studs. Shank slotted pinion gear pump mates with ext. splined-shaft sleeve, on the outer slots which should enable the mobile gear pump.

    If there is no need to use hydraulic hinged system, the pump is switched off. Enabling or disabling impl gear. turning the handle, which is mounted on the shaft, which also set the gear control plug. Fork fingers are in an annular groove of the pinion.
    include pump when the engine speed is low. With the rotation of the gears and the oil portion located between the circumference of the housing bore and the contour of the tooth troughs, displaced toward the pressure chamber.

    The oil which enters the cavity creates a high pressure. A return flow of oil to prevent tooth meshing, and the oil remains in the range of only one path directly in the discharge pipe. However, part of the oil may seep through the gaps between the engaging gear teeth, the housing and the outer diameter of the gears, and at their end faces. To reduce such losses bore casing, the side surfaces of the teeth, the outer diameter of the gear and end faces accurately processed. With the engine speed 2200 rev / min volumetric pump flow is 45 l / min.

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