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MTZ tractor cab

tractor cab MTZ-80 closed type, it has a function of cooling and heating the air. Is attached directly to the cabin itself tractor by means of shock absorbers, buyout make more progress plan (reduce shaking while driving).

The glass in the cab are wide, they are located around the perimeter of the cab, thus providing a broad overview. The cab roof has a ventilation hatch. Amortized seat is adjustable in relation to the driver's preferences to create convenience when working with a tractor. The cabin has a first aid kit, a thermos, hangers and other additional accessories

There are two versions of cabin MK (old-style) -. Small cabin, the Criminal Code (the new model) - a unified new type cabin. Criminal cabin mounted on MTZ without any additional modifications. Cabs are sealed. Ventilation can be forced or free ventilation. The cab consists of a rigid frame and a sheathed steel sheet, which protect the tractor driver in case of a possible fall and overturning.

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