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Friction lining

In most cases, the need for cone and disc brakes. Ipolzuemyh in the production of raw materials as consumer technology guarantee preservation claimed characteristics. For example max. specific pressure in the range of 3 MPa, the coefficients. kinetic friction - 0.40 allowable instantaneous temperature - 350 degrees Celsius, and the continuous max. working temp. -. More than 250 degrees Celsius

The friction linings used in gorizont.tak and hooded. transport. Used in the disk clutch presses and machine tools, in frictions. Torm. disks and tapered hooded. crane on the ship's cranes in drum-type brakes are intensively used machinery and equip.

pad friction coefficient is required to be constant, should not depend on the temperature, friction velocity and pressure.

Wear from are low and ustochivost temperature should be more than max. temperature of friction occurring in zones. Another important factors considered mechanically strong. and aggression in relation to the elements of interaction.

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