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cushioning material producing compressing asbokauchukovoy mass comprising asbestos, rubber and other powder components. Used to seal joints, in various media such as water, steam, oil and its derivatives; oxygen in liquid and gaseous states, ethyl alcohol and others. To improve its properties sometimes reinforced with metal mesh (Ferron, brand PA).

Sheet paronit (GOST 481-80)

is a product of the vulcanization of mixtures of asbestos fibers (60-70%) , solvent, rubbers (12-15%), miner. components (15-18%) and sulfur (1.2-8.0%) and then is rolled under pressure.
Asbestos is a universal gasket material. At the onset pressure greater than 320 MPa begins to flow, ie preodolyaetsya yield points and all looseness in the joints are filled with material thereby providing a sealing compounds. The thickness of the strip should be lower but it should be enough to fill all the grooves and uneven. With the increase in thickness increases the possibility of its squeezing, because it is not recommended to install thick pads. Produce sheets of thicknesses. to 6 mm, etomon easily cut and chopped allowing excision therefrom shaped gaskets. Is also the most common material for the average diameter of the reinforcement pads.

It is used in areas with different types of climate. In the case of tropical climate gasket produced using fungicides. PMB-1 and the PC can operate in tropical climates without. additives.
If the diameter of more than 1500 mm napkin they can be made in the joining of "dovetail" or the overlap. In the case of overlapping slice docking produce the inclined with respect to the glued end.

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