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Kozhkarton (cushioning material pulp and leather)

MPTSK - a pulp and leather cardboard, which is often used in the creation of the tractor gaskets. Its production is a complicated fabrication process, which requires requiring the precision of the whole technology have been further used as spacers oil pan, valve cover and PPC and other sbrochnyh units Consequently, any possible leakage would entail excessive consumption of oils and other fluids used in engine. And it's all present without considering the fact that diesel engines generally will not work if the local connection units will be air passes.

Manufacturing kozhkartona

It's a little different in the various producing countries but the results are always neizmennymy. You can purchase kozhkarton excellent quality of both domestic and foreign production. With proper approach and application of all relevant components, a very useful and practically indispensable sheet material of the highest quality. MPTSK consists of short fibers of different nature hitrospletonnyh interconnected at the molecular level by the action of absorption of forces and polymers.

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