Hardware, welding electrodes

Hardware, welding electrodes

Hardware, electrodes

On the concept of fasteners include the concept of hardware (they are metal products) are nothing more than a standardized metal products a huge variety of the nomenclature used almost everywhere. Conventionally include wire steel with their derivatives such as nails of various configurations, ropes and wire ropes, various mesh welding electrodes, etc., Fasteners, namely bolts, screws, nuts, washers, pins, screws, pins, cotter pins, rings, rivets and so on.

The welding electrode

This is a metal or nemetallich. rods of conductive material needed to provide power supply product to be welded. Nowadays produce more than 200 marks, half of which is melting for manual arc welding.


You can select melting and non-consumable. Make non-consumable refractory materials such as tungsten in accordance with GOST 23949-80 "Tungsten Electrodes Welding. Non-consumable" synthetic. graphite or the electrical coal. Melt produced using the welding wire, the cat-th divided according to GOST 2246-70 on carbon doped with either the same high-alloy. Beyond rod crimping of metal under pressure. a layer of protective. coverage which is necessary for metallurgical. Welding processing. bath, to protect it from the atmosphere. effects and causes better, steady burning arc.

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