Tractor t-40

The tractor is designed for agricultural operations with mounted, semi-mounted and trailed agricultural implements and general-purpose machines, vehicles and various works on stantsionarom.

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Tractor t-40

T-wheeled tractors 40AM and T-40nm

tractor T-40M and T-40AM have two complete and C1 and C2 are universal tractors wheels 0,9:

  • C1-T40M with two driven rear wheels and starting from electric diesel;
  • C2-T40M with two driven rear wheels and running on diesel power unit;
  • T 40AM C1 with four driving wheels and with running of a diesel engine from the electric starter;
  • T 40AM C2 with four driving wheels and with running diesel starter unit;
  • T 40ANM C1 nizkoklirensny four-wheel drive and for uskom diesel from elekrostartera. This tractor is for performing complex works Hey, general purpose work on the slopes of transportation to 16º, has a high resistance.

    40AM tractor T C1, T C2-40AM and T 40ANM C1 have high permeability and are different from the tractor T-40M TM-C1-C2 and the presence of the front axle. Front axle, turns on and off automatically depending on driving conditions.

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