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Coupling for the tractor T-40

Coupling tractor T-40 is used with the aim of breaking a circuit which sends a power from the engine to the gearbox, and disconnects the circuit in a small period of time from the engine to the transmission when the engine is running, for soft shift and smooth start of movement of the tractor.

coupling device

on T-40 is put double clutch comprising a clutch master clutch and PTO clutch sleeve. Such coupling these are single-disk, dry, permanently closed and have a shared management. The clutch is possible to return the rotation and torque of a diesel engine in two different streams: the first - to drive the working bodies of the modular equipment, the second - the movement of the tractor itself. This constructive step makes it possible to stop the tractor or to shift gears without switching off the PTO

Clutch T-40 is put on the engine flywheel and includes:. Drive plate, pressure plate and clutch disc. With compression springs driven wheels are always pressed against the drive plate and flywheel. By pressing the pedal the clutch slips with bearings moved by acting on the levers, disconnect clutch clutch master. By pressing the pedal clutch PTO clutch shifting sleeve and bearing, press the lever, and off the clutch PTO.

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