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Transmission with differential razdatka, hum

transmission with differential razdatka HUM tractor T-40

on the T-40 mechanical give 8-speed 4-way transmission with the transverse location of the shafts. The main PPC purpose is to change the speed or direction of tractor movement.

Gearbox T-40

Manual gearbox tractor includes creeper shafts and creeper gears, bevel gear reverse drive switching mechanism , final drive with differential and its mechanism of the lock, transmission lock mechanism.

tractor Reverse T-40

bevel gears and gear reverse is used to recoil torque and engine speed on the input shaft , creeper (HUM) or the reverse shaft. Bevel gears with circular teeth during operation do not require adjustments to their total wear.

creeper T-40

To learn more reduced rate applied HUM, which allows the use of a tractor with a / v equipment requiring slow speeds.

HUM T-40 may also be used with traction machine which is not more 9kN (900 kgf). 5 th and 6-th transmission use is undesirable, because grows the likelihood of deterioration of the transmission gears before their term, are premature. Such speed and get into direct drive.

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