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tractor steering control T-40

tractor steering control T-40 is needed to maintain the straightness of the movement, as well as to change the direction of motion by rotating the front guide wheels. The steering apparatus includes a steering column, steering with a plow, a steering wheel and its shaft, and the cardan joint. In order to facilitate controls on the T-40 steering equip Hur.

The steering column tractor T-40

The steering column gives the movement of the steering wheel by means of cardan shafts State, transmit to their all effort to fry, so to make changes the direction of the front wheels in the desired direction. The steering column includes a steering wheel standing directly on the steering rack. Using 2-interconnected drive shafts, the rotational movement is given to the hydraulic booster

In operation, need time to check the steering condition and monitor reliability rezbovannyh compounds of the general state of parts of the steering column, and after 960 hours of operation -. Exercise lubrication of all parts subject to friction.

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