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Brakes for tractors T-40

At the T-40 are put dry band brakes that enable its braking when driving. Brakes equipped with two ends with the possibility of tightening the strap assembly for general blocking and managed separately. A lever attached to the thrust of the brake pedal, is on the axis of the outer sleeve side.

The two brake pedals are able to work in the engaged position, hence their free play is not more than 30 mm, and the start of the brake must be the same. Free wheeling is adjusted by changing the length of the rod which connects the pedal arm with tape. To this end, the rods are arranged plugs, screwed at their threaded ends. Similarly, another band brake, a gap between the drum with ribbon alter adjusting screw, located below the brake body. When the lock nut is loosened, the screw spin until it stops, and then folded into three-quarters of a turn, and fixed in this position with the lock nut.

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