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Clutch KAMAZ

It is necessary to turn off the engine for a short period of time from the transmission during the beginning of the movement up and acceleration, as well as the prevention of transmission of inertia. overload of rot. Vehicle flywheel masses. It includes fur-gp and clutch. KAMAZ-4350, -5350, -53501, -53504, -6350 and -6450 give adhesion to a disc aperture, extract. type.

Fur-gp clutch model 17

A feature 2-hdiskovogo diaphragms. clutch model 17 is the presence DEVICE that does not require control during operation. to Automatic. Mounting average presenter. disc in the middle position when the clutch is turned off, with the objectified. form a casing which provides fixation of the pressure diaphragms. spring.

Pressure presenter. drive through the 4 Port package. plates fixed to the clutch cover. Average presenters. drive as mounted on the flywheel. They give torque. point on the surface. driven friction discs, the cat's hub located on the splines on the input. Transmission shaft or splitter. Clutch housing through the lantern ring is placed on the flywheel via 2 pins and secured by means of bolts 8. Between the housing and the pressure plate is a central push the diaphragms. spring that acting on the clutch disc pinches them between the pressure and the average presenter. discs and flywheel. Average presenters. ROM contains 4 stroke limiter, cat-s with packages Port. disk plates is formed fur-gp installation disk to the middle position when the clutch is disabled. Device in shutdown includes aperture blades 16 and the clutch is turned off. Clutch with bearing on the cover podshipn. Transmission input shaft or splitter and plug are turned off. situated on a shaft in gearbox housing (divider).

Fur-gp clutch models 14 and 142

in particular be mentioned the presence of DEVICE is not in need of regulation during operation. to Automatic. Mounting average presenter. drive to the center position just off the clutch; heat-resistant plate clutch disc with a long service life, objectified. form the housing providing fixation of compression springs.

HOST. push and push the middle wheels. and the average, contain from outside cleat 4 cat-s included in spec. slots on the flywheel and torque give. point on the surface. driven friction disks with friction. overlays Kit cat's located on slots Transmission input shaft. clutch cover costs on the flywheel using the plugs and fixed 10th M10 bolts and 2 M8. Between the housing and the pressure plate are compression springs, E-Cat driven wheels are clamped between the pressure and medium master. disks to the flywheel. Average presenters. drive is equipped with a lever-fur cat zmom first Automatic. puts the disc in the middle position during a power coupling. Devices in the clutch includes a release lever with the thrust ring, engages the clutch off. with bearings, fixed on the bearing cover primary. Gearshift shaft, and plug off the clutch ..

In August 2001 fur-gp Automatic. average disk installation ceased to be installed on new cars.

The model 142 is different from the model 14, the presence of double-strength springs and damper springs on the slave drive.

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