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PPC Kamaz

KAMAZ set 2 PPC model. For a single - box with 5 steps model 14; on tractors designed for interaction in the state. trains - a box with 10 stages of model 15 which includes a top box with 5 stages 2 and the front-stage reducer-divider. Transmission divider includes higher and lower (it is straight) and the transmission in relation to the basic CPR involves poluchaenie 10 forward gears and two reverse.

Using divider gears improves traction and economical. Holy Island, improves handling, because in the case of its application decreases the frequency shift gear lever pereklyuch.Na upgraded. Samples of heavy goods model set CPT 152

CAT CAT Differences from 152 15

- reinforced splines primary. Shaft divider carriage and synchronizer clutch via increased. height of the teeth

- Remove the 2 air wire fixing block. overhead wires in the use of plastic ducts from the divider tap controls;

- used besshponochnye Port. and intermediate gears. shaft by increasing the tension of

- Removed Device lock-in in the splined Port. carriage 4-5 synchronizer peredach- secondary shaft CAT (in order to prolong the durability of the bond);

- to exclude the Sleep gears 4 and 5 applied to 4 degrees at reducing the fineness of the carriage 4-5 synchronizer clutch gear teeth ( instead of 1.5 degree), and soot. PRIMARY teeth couplings. shaft and pinion fourth transmission, and increase the height of the teeth coupling

PPC model 14 includes a housing, a master, slave and middle shafts complete with gears and synchronizers podshipn .; rear gear unit. stroke; the upper lid of the box with the device control changeover. Transmission assembly. On the front transaxle case end hung housing engages ..

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