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Front axle KamAZ-5320

Includes continuous beam with swivel. fists fork type. In the middle of I-beam has a special bending for the lower mounting powerplant. On both ends of the beams are located boss with a cylindrical. bores for mounting pins. The holes. fists pressed into a pivot bearing slide. By axial displacement pin fixed FIR means of a wedge and a nut. Ans. fist hide behind cover with pads that protect the bearings from external factors.
To ensure stabilization. steered wheels holes axis. a bend in the transverse pins. plane by 8 degrees, and in longitudinal back to 3 degrees relative to the frame.
Between the lower part of the beam and the eyelets located fist supporting bearing, Ed. of the support ring and the washer, and between the upper end eyelets of the beam and a fist - washers, cat bubbled adjustable. axial clearance. Upper to the lower arms are attached to the knuckle with cotter bolts. The angles of rotation are limited to using fists thrust bolts abutting during maximum turning into bosses bridge girders.

On the fist pivot nut, two locking washer and lock nut fixed wheel hub that rotates on 2 conical. .
Outside roller bearings bearing is protected from external influences hub cap, and inside - a gland in the bore of the hub. At the hub flange fixed wheel rim and the rear flange on the end - Brk. drum.
Carter front. Bridge 4310 KamAz-molded together with the housing left short axis. The right cover is pressed into the housing, and the rivet. welding protects the casing against axial displacement. On the axle housing flange studs fixed sharopory with royal pin. They are pressed bronze bushings with internal punched hinges equal angular velocities.
On pivots are rotatable housing. fists, turns on conical. roller bearings. On the housing knuckles join heels pin and calipers Torm. fur-zmov. The pin vpressovuyutsya bronze bushings in the cat's rot. external hinges fists. Transfer of torque. moment from within. fist to the outside. It occurs through hinge equal angular velocities. At the end of the outer spline. fist should master. flange.

The middle and rear axle

Carters welded steel stamp. beams with weld them covers housings, flanges for mounting gear final drives, end flanges for mounting slides Torm. fur-zmov pins and wheel hubs, levers for installation REACT. rods and spring supports.
Semiaxis bridges tries. in the unloaded condition. Trunnion bridges nuts, locking washers and lock nuts are fixed hub, cat-s spin on conical. roller bearings. To the flange hub studs fixed Torm. drums and wheels. In addition, the drums fix. on the hubs 3 screws. Hub axles as well as their mount interchangeable. Hub bearings are protected from dirt and dust Proklov. under the flange axis and a labyrinth of sealing cuff., located in the bore of the hub. Rotating body cavity. fist is protected against ingress of unwanted e-ing inside using combined with. Packing FDA. a spacer ring, bolted to the inner end of the body.

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