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Steering KAMAZ

It is supplied Gur, which is combined in one unit with the steering fur-zmom, valve Ex-i Hur and bevel gear

- RU column with a steering wheel
- propeller steering shaft
- Power steering pump assembly from the tank of the hydraulic system
- radiator
- lines E and ND
- steering actuator rod

GUR reduces the effort required to turn the steering wheel the front.. wheels, softens shocks from the road roughness increases the safety of movement, thus allowing to retain control over the voltage. movement in tear of tires of the front wheels.

The steering column

is fixed on top of the bracket inside of the cab panel and the bottom to the flange in the floor booths and Port. the steering fur-zmom using the propeller shaft. rot column shaft. in 2 ball bearing.

Cardan steering shaft

Cardan column with 2- mja hinges on igolch. bearings. Sliding. splined Port. steering shaft universal joint makes it possible. changing the distance between the hinges when tilting the cab and the need to compensate for inaccuracies in the cockpit-mounted switchgear column relative to the frame with a handlebar. fur-zmom and their vzaimocmescheny.
Forks steering column universal. a shaft fixed to the column shaft and the leading-shaft. the bevel gear pinion by means of wedges which are tightened with nuts with locking pins.

Reducer corner RU Kamaz

C 2 conical. gears with spiral teeth gives rot. of the propeller steering cardan fur-PCA.
leading. gear angular gear unit with the shaft and is put into the body by ball bearings. Ball bearings are pressed into the gear on the shaft and secured against axial displacement by means of nuts.

The steering Fur-gp Kamaz

Attach the front bracket front. left spring. The bracket is fixed to the frame. Carter steering fur-PCA Kamaz in the cat-th moving piston rail serves both working cylinder GUR.

piston-rack engages with Teeth. shaft bipod sector. Val bipod steering fur-PCA is rotated in the sleeve is pressed into the steering fur-PCA crankcase and the side cover in aluminum.

on the parts of the steering propeller fur-PCA, which is in the cavity Bldg. the bevel gear is splined cat bubbled screw comes into engagement with the driven gear carbon. transmission.

The valve control. Gur is fixed on the housing of the angular gear bolt and 4 or 5 pins.

offset value characterizes deep undercuts on the end face of the valve body and is limited by large rings bearing cat-s rest against the ends of said recesses.

In each of 3 through holes housing the steering fur-PCA Kamaz valve inserted on two reactive tsentriruyusch plunger. springs therebetween.

In one plunger disposed in the blind bores, is embedded a ball check valve, comp. failure of steering-Hydrosila we line E and ND and provides the opportunity to exercise, I avtomobilem.V this case, the RU acts as a conventional mechanical. a-ma without amplification.

is also will prevent the steering valve body. valve, Conn. the discharge line and drain during the pressure with-me, protects the pump from overheating, and the details of the fur-ZMA from undue stress.

The cavities of the front cover and in the angular gearbox steering Exercise-I, Comm. holes in the control valve housing. with the drain line and uplotnenyayutsya at the ends of the rings.

In the crankcase the steering fur-ZMA has a drain plug with a magnet and the bypass valve.

From the pump to the body of the control valve are hoses and pipelines. d. and ND .. At first the oil is sent to a fur-MFP, and on the second returned. Hydrosila-in, we tank.

The steering gear comprises

The longitudinal tie rod which serves to connect the steering pitman arm fur-ZMA to the upper arm of the left turning. fist and it is tselnokovannoy part with non-regulatory. hinges soderzhaschimii ball pin, the upper and lower shells, a spring and threads. cover.

The transverse rod steering linkage is tubular with screwed on the threaded end of the probe with the ball joints.

Replacing Pos. tips on the steering rod may be adjusted to engage the toe of the steered wheels.

transverse joints. Tie rods unregulated include ball pin, the upper and lower shells, a spring and a cover attached to the tip of the thrust.

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